Are Your Lice Tired Of Being Put On Ice?


Like lice weren’t rough enough, your kid’s hair has a new villain to fear — super lice, and they could have their licey sights set on your child’s flavorful follicles.

New research established in the Journal of Medical Entomology indicates that lice are becoming more and more tough to stuff. That’s because a new blend of the bug is incredibly resistant to traditional treatments. In fact, this new nuisance, called “super lice,” isn’t responding to over-the-counter lice treatments on the market. What’s more– these hair harlots are getting friskier faster than health experts had first feared.

Now, why do these lice seem so “super”? Well, when over-the-counter lice treatments aren’t used properly– perhaps because not enough product is used on each hairy head or it doesn’t stay on said head for as long as the directions said– the lice can both survive and slowly grow stronger. These beefier bugs then bounce around between kids’ hairy heads before becoming totally resistant to normal chemical treatments over time.

So what should you do if your child is bugged by these insensitive insects? Just remember, there are always ways to cream these creepy critters, supersized or otherwise. For one, there are plenty of home remedies for lice that, though potentially time consuming, are more likely than some of their crappy chemical counterparts to get the job done.

Tea tree oil and neem oil have been seen to stop these lousy lice from getting freaky with follicles. Even if you can’t handle the hassle of combing and picking these narcissistic nuisances out yourself, there are plenty of lice removal salons situated around the country, too. Many of them use hot air to murder and move out the miniscule munchkins. If worse come to worst, you could always pester your doctor for a prescription lice treatment– just keep in mind that it might not be long before super lice are resistant to that, too.


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