Chiropractic Care Could Exude Relief For Women in San Diego

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When I first heard about chiropractic care, I had plenty of reservations about “how great” it claimed to be. I mean, could these simple ergonomic adjustments really cure just about all that ails you?

One condition called dysmenorrhea is frequently seen in women of childbearing age. Primary dysmenorrhea is classified by painful menstruation that lacks a “pathologic condition of the pelvic organs.” Despite the high prevalence of dysmenorrhea in women today, the cause is still pretty unknown. However, it is understood that the uterus and other neighboring pelvic organs receive their sympathetic innervation from the thoracolumbar junction; with this in mind, it isn’t unreasonable to think the somatovisceral reflex caused from spinal dyskynesia in this area could potentially lead to the functional deterioration witnessed in the uterus, culminating in dysmenorrhea diagnoses for many such patients.

Chiropractors have claimed for years that spinal manipulation therapy administered to patients’ thoracolumbar junction could help relieve said patients’ dysmenorrhea symptoms. A study was undertaken to evaluate these beliefs from a scientific perspective, and it found that such claims were well-grounded: the efficacy of chiropractic care in regards to reducing the somatovisceral reflexes caused by spinal dyskinesia at the thoracolumbar junction, which can lead to dysmenorrheic symptoms when unchecked, was substantial. Still, further bodies of research are needed to concur with or deny these conclusions of chiropractic care’s effectiveness.

Do you or a person you love suffer from dysmenorrhea? If your answer is “yes,” that means chiropractic care is eagerly awaiting! Its health benefits may be experienced not far from wherever you may be, as The Joint …the chiropractic place is right here in San Diego. That makes it a convenient choice for you to come check it out whenever you’re finally ready to receive affordable chiropractic services!

After all, when you see for yourself how pumped up the Doctors of Chiropractic on site are to help you find relief the right way, you won’t be shocked to realize that their chiropractic adjustments are pretty inexpensive and pain-free, too. If you’re ready to see what makes chiropractic care an option for long-term health benefits today, stop by The Joint – Carmel Mountain for friendly service! It offers zero appointment times and no hidden fees, too– but it could give you symptom relief. With no insurance required for The Joint’s services, you won’t have to worry about running your schedule by your provider. Instead, just stop on by and see if you feel results. 


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