Chiropractic Care May Ease Growing Pains

Oh man, do I remember the aches and pains that come with growing up well. I’m not just talking about the emotional issues that come with the territory of getting older; I’m talking about the literal physical growing pains that a significant amount of children experience while growing up. If you were like me, you also have memories of being jolted awake in the middle of the night by sudden pains that struck the leg, thigh, or calf areas of the body. I eventually grew (pun intended) out of them, but I wish I had known about some of the effective treatment methods that today’s children now have on hand.

For instance, according to a very informative post by Back To Basics Chiropractic, children who are having a difficult time dealing with growing pains in the muscles and joints of their legs can benefit from regular chiropractic care and adjustments.

So what exactly causes growing pains? Everything from overexertion to rapid growth, to overall poor health can cause a child to feel pain in their legs. Children are generally highly active individuals after all, and sometimes their desire to run and play causes them to strain their muscles to the point where the pain is not felt until hours after the activity is done. This kind of overuse can really place a lot of stress and strain on a child’s muscles and joints, and even on their spines as well. Without an adequate amount of rest to recharge the body, a child will simply continue to inadvertently harm themselves. This is where chiropractic can help.

As you probably already know, chiropractic treatments are well known and renowned for their ability to successfully and effectively treat aches and pains in the body. The best part about chiropractic care for many people lies in the fact that it is a completely all natural source of treatment. This tends to eliminate the need for medications that may come with risky side effects. When you bring your child into your local The Joint clinic, a licensed doctor of chiropractic can examine your child for any areas of the body that may be overly strained, or that may have misalignments, which are known as subluxations. From this initial assessment, a chiropractor can use applied pressure to gently coax the joints and the spinal column back into their proper alignments, which will encourage the body to heal itself.

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