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When it comes to chiropractic care, much has been made of its plethora of benefits– for your health and your well-being. The alternative therapy has been an accepted way of treatment for problems ranging from simple back pain to the debilitating Alzheimer’s disease, so perhaps it should be no surprise that the notion of its long-term relief for epilepsy may hold substantial merit.

A recent study from 2011 aimed to discuss the decrease of an upper cervical subluxation seen in a patient administered chiropractic care; this child patient experienced occipital lobe epilepsy as a perpetual problem.

To be specific, the study subject was a nine-year-old girl who endured uncontrollable blinking in her left eye, not to mention random and consistent fainting spells, formerly diagnosed by an expert neurologist as occipital lobe epilepsy.

The primary intervention used here was high velocity and light force adjustments (known as the Blair technique); these techniques were administered to the girl’s first cervical vertebra during three different visits. Various other low force adjustments administered via an activator were applied to different sections of her spinal column where existing vertebral subluxations continued to trouble her. The girl’s uncontrolled eye twitching began to cease just after her initial upper cervical adjustment; three weeks after that first adjustment, it ceased completely. Since that time, her eye twitching has appeared to experience full remission.

In conclusion, this case report found a convincing resolution of both signs and symptoms seen in conjunction with occipital lobe epilepsy in a young girl after chiropractic care was applied to her existing upper cervical subluxation.

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