Chiropractic Therapy Offers Headache Relief in San Diego

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Did you know that chiropractic care trumps all other treatment methods in providing relief for persistent headache symptoms?

A 2006 study conducted a two-phase Chronic Daily Headache (CDH) questionnaire of all students between 12 and 14 years in five middle schools from Taiwan. Children with CDH, characterized by a headache occurring 15 days each month or more for two hours each day or more for over three months, were then interviewed by neurologists.

Out of the 7,900 participants, it was found that girls had a higher prevalence for CDH than boys, with 88 of the overall subjects able to be classified into either chronic tension-type headache or chronic migraine. Following professional examination, 24 subjects were found to overuse medications.

That being said, 82 of the CDH subjects identified had migraines or probable migraines; during the previous semester, most CDH subjects didn’t take any sick leave for headaches. In fact, just six subjects consulted neurologist assistance in the previous year, with just one subject taking headache prophylactic agents.

In conclusion, it was found that CDH was commonly found in a large non-referred adolescent sample group. Furthermore, a majority of adolescents with CDH showed headache symptoms characterizing features of migraines. While this study failed to discuss in-depth care options for chronic tension-type headache, conservative chiropractic care is the preferred choice found in previous studies.

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