Cold-Pressed Juice Heating Up At Coachella


During the final few months before Coachella, a gigantic two-weekend Southern California music festival held every April, many men and women found themselves deep in dieting to prepare for the event– with many of them engaging in another trend now emerging, called juicing, once their Coachella weekend began.

A Los Angeles-based juice institution called Clover Juice enjoyed the biggest presence at Coachella this year, with three separate cold-pressed juice bar pop-ups spaced around the festival’s beer gardens and campgrounds during both weekends. Last year alone, Clover Juice apparently sold 4,000 bottles of its product to parched concert-goers looking for a refreshing sip after dancing in the desert.

Not to be outdone, the national juice brand Evolution Fresh staked out the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge during the first weekend to keep celebrities hydrated in the desert heat. Furthermore, Moon Juice, a juice outpost with a strong following, stocked the Ace Swim Club and its restaurant Kings Highway at the festival, selling cold-pressed juices, milks, and tonics.

“Since opening today [Friday], there have been hoards of desert bounders coming in with coolers to load up on juices, moon milks, our cosmic provisions, and moon tonics… sustenance for the long, hot days and late nights of the festival,” Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon explained. “We’ve created a little oasis of wellness in the desert.”

Though no juice brands have specifically created cleanses targeted for those leaving the festival after a weekend stuffed with intoxicating drinks and concert food, Refinery29 suggests a Moon Juice cleanse for a total after-Coachella “lifesaver.”

Similarly, Juice Served Here (which sold juices at Coachella this year, too) is advancing their signature cleanse on their Facebook page as both a pre- and post- Coachella detox drink.


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