Correcting Your Slouching with Chiropractics

We all have memories of our moms telling us not to slouch or slump whenever we sat down, but many of us didn’t really take those comments too seriously. That may be a problem, according to a USA Today article that discusses the surprising health issues that can arise as a result of slouching. As it turns out, poor posture can cause a serious decline in mood, and may even be a contributing factor to developing depression. Here are some of the ways that slouching while sitting can have a negative impact on your health, and what you can do to fix it.

One of the more surprising facts about slouching that I learned from this article is how your physical posture can have such a strong impact on your mental health and wellness. There have been quite a few scientific studies that have focused on researching the effects of slouching, and the results almost always come back the same. What scientists find is that, the vast majority of the time, people who slouch in their chairs end up experiencing more negative thoughts, while also having a more negative worldview overall, as well as feeling more depressed.

If you slouch forward at work, this may be taking yet another toll on your mental health, since people who naturally slouched forward at their desks also had a strong likelihood of reporting lower levels of self confidence than their peers who sat upright the majority of the time. Of course, all of this does not even take into account the pain in the neck and upper back area that occurs with slouching.

It is for all of these health risks that you should really make it a priority to focus on improving and correcting your posture. You may want to make a reminder to sit up straight on a sticky note, and place it on the side of your computer screen so you will always be looking at it. Some people have found that sitting on an exercise ball has really helped them improve their posture, in addition to getting fit as well. If you really need to improve your posture, it may be a good idea to start seeing a doctor of chiropractic on a regular basis. Chiropractic works to find any misalignments in your spinal column, and correct them through safe and effective manual manipulation techniques that can improve your physical and mental health.

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