Could Coffee Actually Kill Bad Breath?


If you’re an unfortunate someone that has to stand three feet away from your coworkers in the morning because their odorous breath makes you gag, you may be surprised by recent research from Israel indicating that certain components of coffee might actually freshen breath.


Researchers examined human saliva and combined it with coffee and realized that the three brands tested actually inhibited bacterial growth that leads to bad breath. “The lesson we learned here is one of humility,” says Mel Rosenberg, PhD, professor of microbiology at Tel Aviv University. “We expected coffee would cause bad breath, but there is something inside this magic brew that has the opposite effect.”


Coffee may not be the bad-breath bringer you consider it to be. Though this test was done in a petri dish, which is a very different setting from the more complex environment found in our mouths, Rosenberg hopes to isolate the bacteria-inhibiting molecule in coffee. He believes it could offer serious antibacterial benefits that could better bad breath.

For more information on the connection between coffee and improved breath, click here.


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