Could You Be Overeating- And Not Even Know It?


The people around us who make us unconsciously eat more or work out less shows the influence of others’ behavior.

While it typically has a very subtle effect, and your reaction to it is perhaps even unconscious, your buddies’ dietary decisions undoubtedly play a role in your eating activities.

A study conducted by Dutch researchers paired 140 women for a meal together and examined their eating habits when they sat across from each other. As these women ate and conversed, the researchers counted the number of bites taken by each woman. Next, they compared the number of bites and realized that the bites were similar between each woman, and the rate at which the women ate their meals was similar during the experiment as well.

This mimicking action could be good if the women were mindful of how quickly their forks circulated between plate and mouth. Regardless, it shows that if one of the women overate, her lunch companion probably did, too. This showed how simple social interaction could greatly influence eating habits.

Further striving to find out how social situations can interface with our personalities to lead to unhealthy weight activities, the researchers utilized a survey to identify those subjects who were “people pleasers.”

This study found that you could be doing people pleasers’ waistlines quite a favor by not offering them unhealthy grub. In fact, the researchers found that people pleasers frequently ate more of the food they were offered, regardless of whether they were truly hungry or not. These study subjects admitted on their questionnaires that they were more or less simply reacting to circumstances they felt made social eating more “acceptable”. It wouldn’t take many such circumstances before their waistlines began showing the effects of extensive social nibbles.

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