Do You Know About These Surprising Reasons For Back Pain ?

When it comes to back pain, most of us can often point to some specific causes and reasons why our backs have been giving us trouble; everything from poor posture to an injury or muscle strain can leave us with a reminder that we need to take it easy for a while as we let our backs heal. However, there are a few unusual and even downright surprising reasons why people develop and experience back pain, as I learned from an article that was recently posted by Care 2

One of the leading causes of back pain that is quickly gaining more and more traction is the improper use of technology. If you take a look around your office, or even just when you’re walking down a busy street, there is probably one thing you will notice immediately – many people are glued to their smart phones, laptops, and tablets. To make matters worse, many people end up craning their necks outward, forward, and downward in order to see their tiny tech screens.

This unnatural posture actually adds up to ten pounds of added stress and strain to your neck muscles, which must kick into overdrive to try to compensate for the unusual strain that is not normal for the spine to have to deal with. This posture is only made worse for those of us who are guilty of using our laptops while sitting on the couch (I’m guilty of this myself), which causes us to hunch over unnaturally. As you can imagine, this leads to some pretty noticeable back pain over time. Try your best to stop using your laptop on the couch, or at least make sure to find a pillow or cushion that supports your head and neck while ensuring that your laptop is at eye level. 

One more surprising source of back pain is the amount of time we spend in our cars. Once again, the posture we are forced to take in our car seats is not a natural one, and so the body does not know how to give support the best and safest way that it can. Essentially, the spinal column is supposed to be in an “S” formation, yet driving in the car forces it into a “C” shape, which creates back pain over time.

Fortunately, chiropractic care can help you restore proper posture and reduce back pain on your terms. Chiropractic is completely natural and safe, and can get you feeling mobile and pain-free once more.

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