How Chiropractic Care May Help Treat Colic

If you’ve ever dealt with a colicky baby before, you know how stressful and even heartbreaking it can be to try your best to console an infant who cries and tenses up relentlessly. There are a few treatment methods to help a colicky infant, and chiropractic care has proven itself to be a helpful all-natural remedy.

What Is Colic?

Colic is a condition that affects infants in the early stages of life. A colicky baby refers to an infant that cries inconsolably for at least three hours a day, three days a week, for at least three weeks. To determine if a baby has colic, look for clenched fingers, flexed legs, and tensed muscles in the abdominal region. Colic usually affects babies between the ages of three weeks and three months. Since colic in babies can increase levels of stress in its parents, while decreasing the strength of mother-child bonding in the crucial early stages of life, it is important to get successful and effective treatment for a colicky infant. Various treatments for colic in infants include medication, infant repositioning, and dietary changes. Fortunately, according to this article from Natural News, chiropractic care has shown improvement in 94% of colicky infants, who “demonstrate improvement with chiropractic adjustments”. 

Chiropractic Care And Colic

Chiropractic care continues to show added benefits in comparison to other, more invasive treatments such as medication or dietary changes. What is it about spinal manipulation that helps to effectively treat and relieve colic in babies? To start, it is important to remember that chiropractic care is completely natural, which is important for young babies to be treated with so early in the developmental stages of their bodies.

Spinal manipulation encourages proper, natural body function to resume its course on gradual level. In this manner, the body is simply and gently guided back to normalcy, as opposed to being stimulated or forced to function properlyagain. Chiropractic care works to find any sort of vertebral subluxation, which may be causing interference or disturbance to the nerves in the abdominal organs, including the stomach and intestines. A chiropractic doctor will work to identify and correct these subluxations in order to relieve the symptoms of colic. This will allow the infant’s nervous system and digestive tract to begin receiving proper nerve signals from the brain, which will allow the body to function normally again. In this way, a colicky baby can be effectively treated with a gentle, all-natural remedy.

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