How to Relieve Stress From the Spine

When you see the word “stress”, you may not be thinking about your spine, but you really should. True, many different areas of your body and mind can experience various forms of stress and tension, but you may be surprised to learn how significantly stress in the spinal column can negatively impact the rest of the body.

As any chiropractor can tell you, the spinal column plays a huge role in keeping the rest of your body functioning to the best of its ability. If it’s under too much stress or just isn’t being taken care of properly, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when other areas of your body begin to show signs of stress and strain as well. 

How the Spine Impacts the Body

The spinal column houses and protects the central nervous system, which facilitates communication between the body and the brain. Injuries, strains, and general wear and tear can cause misalignments in the spine which interrupts this communication.When the spine is unable to protect the nervous system and communication breaks down, the body gets weaker. The immune system becomes more vulnerable, stress levels may rise, and inflammation in the joints may increase as well.

How Chiropractic Can Help

During a typical chiropractic session, the doctor of chiropractic will examine your spine in order to locate any misalignments that may be troubling your body. Using manual manipulation techniques which are very safe, the chiropractor can gently, yet effectively, coax the spine back into its natural position. With this restoration, the rest of the body is better able to work efficiently to keep you protected from injuries, infections, and other health issues. 

Another Stress Reliever

Surprising though it may be, sitting has been shown to cause added stress to the muscles of the back and spine. Sitting on a chair, seat, or couch is not a natural position, so the spine is unnaturally manipulated as this happens. If someone leads a pretty sedentary life, their spine is being compressed for much longer than it can handle, and so back pain and other issues may begin to arise as a result. Staying active is a great way to relieve pressure from the spine, so try to schedule a time at least three days a week to exercise or at least move around for a significant period of time. 

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