Recovering From Acute Back Pain Naturally

If you’ve sustained any sort of injury or strain to your back, you’ve probably been told to take it easy and rest. After all, you don’t want to make the discomfort any worse. There’s a good reason to stay careful and not be overly active as you recover from acute back pain. However, you also want to make sure you aren’t being overly sedentary, since this can slow down the recovery process and make it much harder to bounce back. Chiropractors and scientists alike have learned that a person’s fitness level, both before and after sustaining an injury can highly influence how quickly the person will recover from back pain. In addition to chiropractic, you should be relying on these other healthy habits to make the recovery process painless and effective. 

Exercising in a Safe and Healthy Manner 

You want to stay active, but you don’t want to strain your muscles as they heal. It’s best to start off lightly and slowly build yourself back up to the fitness level you were at before sustaining the injury, even if you’re a hardcore athlete. Start off with low-impact exercises such as walking, swimming, and cycling. These types of exercises work to help condition the muscles and improve circulation to injured areas of the body to help in the recovery process. These exercises are also very malleable, allowing you to set the pace and amount of time which is most ideal for what you need.

Rest When Needed 

Rest is important, the same way you feel the urge to sleep even more when you’re under the weather with a cold or flu. Make sure your chair, sofa, and bed are all ergonomically supportive. When you sit down, you should be able to rest both feet on the ground, and you should be able to keep your spine straight. It can help to place a lumbar pillow or rolled-up towel behind your lower back for support. As for your bed, consider sleeping on your side to relieve pressure on your spine which can occur at night.

Consider Chiropractic Care For Your Health Needs

Chiropractors know how to bring relief to people with acute back pain in a safe, natural, and effective manner. The Joint Chiropractic clinics are an ideal choice to get started on a chiropractic regimen, seeing as there are over 330 locations nationwide, many with flexible weekend and evening hours. 

Human spine, ribs, and upper pelvis by NIH Image Gallery is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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