Relieve Joint Pain Naturally With Herbs And Chiropractic Care

What if I told you that there was a way to relieve your joint and back pain naturally, without any risky medications or invasive surgical procedures? What if I further told you that there are actually quite a large number of alternative treatment methods that can bring you much needed pain relief?

I’m being completely serious – there are many options available for people who are suffering from back or joint pain, who would prefer to use natural treatment methods to alleviate their symptoms. In particular, there are two methods that have come to my attention as being reliable and efficient. I’ve known and talked about the benefits of chiropractic care for a while now, but I recently came across a post by Care 2 that expertly sheds light on an herbal remedy that’s been used for thousands of years to relieve pain and discomfort. Here’s why chiropractic treatments may be enhanced with the use of comfrey oil in patients with joint or back pain.

What exactly is comfrey oil? Made from the comfrey herb , which is known in the scientific community as Symphytum officinale, comfrey oil has been used since the days of the Native Americans as a natural way to treat joint and back pain. The oil that is derived from the comfrey herb has also been used to successfully treat bruises, strains, and cuts. It simply needs to be applied topically, either as an oil or as an ointment, to any area of the body that is currently experiencing pain, strain, or discomfort of some form.

Even though comfrey oil has been relied on for thousands of years to help people feel relief from their pain and discomfort, it has only been relatively recently that scientists have been able to figure out what the properties of the herb are that contribute to its strong capabilities. The comfrey plant is known to contain the compound rosmarinic acid, which reduces inflammation in the body. Comfrey also contains the compound glycopeptide, which actually inhibits the feeling of pain in many people.

Finally, comfrey oil has allantoin which also helps relieve pain. Combine the use of comfrey oil with regular sessions of chiropractic treatment and adjustments, and you shouldn’t be surprised to notice significant pain relief and improved health overall. These two all natural treatment methods for joint and back pain are some of the most reliable and effective options available to patients with pain related conditions today.

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