The Difference Between Chiropractic And Acupuncture

When we think about all natural, alternative treatment options, our minds often immediately become centered to two major methods – chiropractic and acupuncture. Both of these treatment options are considered to be alternative medicinal practices, and numerous studies have shown that when both of these treatments are performed by a trained and licensed professional, the success rate for relieving pain or treating certain conditions is actually pretty high.

Still, if you are currently searching for a way to treat your pain related condition naturally, it can be confusing to determine which one may be best suited for your needs. Fortunately, I recently came across a great and highly informative article by Guide Doc that gives detailed explanations on the differences between the two practices. I’m happy to share what I learned with you, so you can be better informed when making the decision on what treatment method will work for you.

Chiropractic is a manual approach to treating and managing pain, both long term and acute, by using the hands to adjust and manipulate the spinal cord, neck, and surrounding soft tissues. Essentially, the controlled force that is applied by the hands of highly trained doctors of chiropractic works to restore mobility in the joints while also serving to relieve any disruptions or disturbances within the nervous system thatmay be preventing proper communication between the body and the brain.

Chiropractic can treat issues ranging from simple neck and back aches and pains, to conditions such as migraines, chronic dizziness, long term anxiety, and whiplash caused by auto accidents. Many people are attracted to chiropractic care since it is a non-invasive alternative to riskier treatment options, and it does notinvolve medications that may come with risky side effects.

Acupuncture, on the other hand, works to stimulate certain areas of the body by using small, thin metal needles, which are meant to revitalize what the Chinese refer to as “qi” – the natural energy that flows through the body. These metal needles are manipulated and adjusted by hand or by using generally safe electric means. A skilled and well trained acupuncturist can possibly work to relieve the aches and pains that plague your neck, back, and head. Acupuncture is also known to improve immunity and treat conditions such as fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome. However, while many insurance companies now cover chiropractic, they are less likely to pay for acupuncture treatments, which is important to keep in mind when looking at your medical expenses. 

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