The Hidden Cause Of Your Knee Pain (And How Chiropractics Can Help)

Many of us tend to overlook our knees when it comes to assessing our full physical health and wellness. After all, it’s easy to take your knees for granted when they are operating just fine. However, the moment they start to give you any pain or discomfort at all, it can be really difficult to resume a somewhat normal and decent quality of life. The knees are responsible for quite a lot of movement and flexibility for the entire body, and as anyone who has ever dealt with acute or chronic knee pain can tell you with certainty, a knee that aches or is in any kind of pain is a knee that simply can’t get you through the day.

As a result, you will more than likely find yourself looking for reasons to sit or lie down often. If the pain turns into a chronic health issue, you will probably begin to notice that you miss out on more and more activities with your family, friends, and coworkers, which can absolutely lead to feelings of isolation and even depression over time.

Since the hardest part about finding help for knee pain is figuring out the exact cause of your knee pain, it is very important to be aware of the many potential causes of aches and pain in one or both of your knees. I recently came across an article post by Care 2 that describes one of the less common causes of knee pain, and I am happy to share what I learned in the article here with you. 

You probably know about the rising rates of obesity and weight gain in the United States as of late, but did you know that excess weight on the body can actually be a significant factor in a person’s knee pain? Knees are crucial joints on the body that support quite a lot of weight and pressure; more specifically, a person’s knees can end up supporting up to five times a person’s body weight in pressure, which is frankly quite a significant load. Of course, in addition to straining the knees, excess weight and body fat can also wreak havoc on and cause damage to the back and spine, in addition to other joints on the body that must work harder than normal to support weight that isn’t supposed to be on the body. 

Do your knees a favor by consulting with a doctor of chiropractic at The Joint today. Regular chiropractic treatments can not only provide immediate pain relief, but they can also set you on the path towards total health and wellness on your own terms.

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