The Joint – Carmel Mountain Could Calm Crying Infants in San Diego

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All of chiropractic care’s supposed “superior health benefits” are simply too good to be true, right? It’s too expensive, ya’know? It’s inconvenient, unnecessary, and just a waste of time, huh?

I know the feeling, folks– but it’s time to think again.

My change from chiropractic villain to chiropractic convert occurred when I saw one of my good friends experience it. He had previously been suffering from a litany of physical aches and pains that had rendered him just shy of crutches or a wheelchair; his bad back and persistent joint discomfort made simply walking a chore, highlighted by disjointed steps and uneven movements.

But to say that chiropractic care totally worked for him would be a complete understatement– I couldn’t even recognize him when I saw him post-chiropractic! Could that really be him?, I kept asking myself.

But just how low can chiropractic go? In age, I mean: two case studies looked to uncover evidence regarding whether infantile colic could be relieved through chiropractic therapy. Heading into the research, scientists supported the notion that the birth process could be primary to colic development.

The first case study examined a seven-week-old boy afflicted with infant colic, acid reflux, and disrupted sleep. The second infant was 10 weeks old and had colic for the past month. While some vomiting was also seen, along with slight breast-feeding asymmetry, both infants showed primary signs of infant colic and shared rough birth experiences. “Upper cervical, mid thoracic, sacroiliac and cranial dysfunction” was evident with both children.

Both patients were administered chiropractic care to their sites of spinal dysfunction for three full weeks, and it was seen that total resolution was presented with all symptoms in both infants. This would indicate that there’s a concise connection between birth trauma-related colic relief and chiropractic care centered around spinal dysfunction. Researchers also stipulate that chiropractic treatment could correct cranial motion dysfunction, as well as its accompanying symptoms.

The Joint …the chiropractic place in San Diego is led by friendly Doctors of Chiropractic who want to show you firsthand why chiropractic therapy can bring profound and long-lasting health benefits across your whole body. These chiropractic staff are readily awaiting you and your persistent symptoms, preparing to take you on a chiropractic journey that’s a good time, every time. Their gentle hands and smooth techniques are well worth the trip, and could bring you symptom relief– just like the doctor ordered!


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