The Three Types of Back Pain

Back pain is certainly no fun to deal with, no matter how it was caused or where exactly it is located. As it turns out, medical professionals and scientists alike have concluded that there are three general categories or types of back pain that affect most of us at some point in our lives. I learned this from a very informative article by Spine Health, and I’m happy to share the knowledge I gained with you right here.

The first type of back pain is known as acute pain. As you may realize, this pain is short lasting and tends to go away within three to six months. Acute pain is caused by direct damage that is done to the tissues. Acute back pains tend to occur as a result of a sudden injury, such as a traumatic fall or auto accident, or a muscle that is strained from heavy lifting or pulling. If acute pain is correctly identified and treated right away, it will more than likely not develop into long lasting physical pain.

However, if a person chooses to ignore the symptoms of pain, or does not get the proper amount of treatment they need, if could eventually turn into chronic pain. This is the second type of back pain. Chronic back pain tends to have a clearly identifiable cause, such as an injury or a pain related condition such as arthritis, spinal stenosis, or degenerative disc disease. It usually takes at least a few weeks, if not a few months, to treat and heal this kind of back pain. However, some chronic pain does not have a clear identifiablecause, or it is considered unusual because the tissues where the injury was located have since healed even though pain continues to be felt in the area. In this case, regular care and treatment is usually necessary to bring relief to the patient.

Finally, there is something known as neuropathic pain. This is a pain that occurs when there is absolutely no injury or condition that could explain its appearance. It is thought to be the result of damage or injury to the nerves, which then become displaced on a sensory level, which leads to these phantom pains. Regardless of how your back pain was caused, or how it developed, chiropractic care can help. A licensed doctor of chiropractic can examine your back and spinal column for any misalignments. From here, he or she can use manual manipulation to restore the proper alignment to your back and spine, which can lead to a healthier body overall.

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