Untreated Back Pain Can Lead To Knee Pain

As if you really needed one more reason to start getting your chronic back pain treated right away, it turns out that having pain in your back that’s left untreated can actually lead to issues and complications with your knees later on down the line.

According to an informative post by Chiro Nexus, scientific studies are beginning to trace the link between back pain and knee pain, and it surprised me to learn that the connection between the two, is not as far apart as we would like to assume.

Patients who have chronic aches and pains in their backs tend to have issues in other areas of the body as well, particularly in their knees. Many of these patients often have a much harder time bouncing back from surgery on their knees, and recovering from an injury to one or both knees is much harder as well when back pain is involved. Interestingly, and surprisingly, enough, these same studies also revealed that pains and problems in other areas of the body, such as the hips or the ankles, did not tend to have the same negative effect on knee health as back pain, specifically in the lower back area, did.

As surprising as this all sounds, it really becomes clearer once you start to really think about it. I’m beginning to realize and understand that there are a few different ways as to how back pain can have such lasting consequences for the health of your knees as well. For one, back pain may be causing you to inadvertently be placing more of your weight on parts of your body that aren’t used to the strain – namely, your knees. Sure, your knees are built to support you and keep you mobile, but they need the help of your back for balance and strength. Without that crucial support system, your knees can really start hurting. It’s also possible that back pain increases a person’s sensitivity to pain, which would make them more susceptible to feeling pains and aches in the knee area. This is why it’s always a good idea to start seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis.

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