Using The Alexander Technique To Improve Chiropractic Benefits

It’s important to know that chiropractic care can be used to successfully treat a variety of health conditions and concerns. A doctor of chiropractic can use their craft to help alleviate pain and discomfort caused by everything from recent neck and back injuries, to chronic migraines and allergies, and even to prolonged levels of stress and anxiety.

Regardless of whatever condition you would like to be treated, chances are high that a chiropractor can help you. In addition to attending regular chiropractic sessions, often on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, your chiropractor will more than likely recommend at least a few remedies and techniques for you to try at home. In addition to promoting a healthy diet and personalized stretches to help you recover from your specific ailment, many chiropractors will recommend and encourage their patients to learn about the Alexander Technique.

What Is The Alexander Technique? How Can It Help Me?

Essentially, the Alexander Technique is a method that teaches people how to stand, sit, and go about their other daily routine activities without using unnecessary levels of muscular and mental tension throughout the day. As opposed to other methods that are forms of exercise or made up of relaxation techniques, the Alexander Technique is a continuing educational process. During your sessions, your doctor of chiropractic can help educate you about this technique by giving verbal instructions along with gentle physical guidance with the hands. The goal of the Alexander Technique is to show patients how to recognize and release restricting and rigid habits relating to posture and overall movement.

Many issues that doctors of chiropractic find themselves working to treat are caused by repeated misuse of the body, specifically misusing particular muscles over a long period of time. This can manifest itself in an uneven distribution of weight while standing or sitting, improper head and neck posture, or inefficient walking or running poses. This misuse of the body leads to spinal misalignments, which are what chiropractors are trained to correct. However, the Alexander Technique takes this treatment one step further by helping people rid themselves of maladaptive physical habits that continue to cause their bodies harm and prolonged stress and strain. While spinal realignments can help restore the body to its natural state, adding the use of the Alexander Technique for further treatment can further aide the body in being restored to a balanced state of rest and poise. 

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