Why Chiropractic Patients Should Be Doing These Exercises At The Gym

When you are experiencing the discomfort that comes with neck and/or back pain, I’m sure it’s safe to say that the last thing you’re thinking about is getting back to the gym to pump some iron, or run long distances on the elliptical machine. While it is true that rest and relaxation are an important and necessary part of the recovery process for patients who are dealing with neck and back pain, it is also true that light to moderate exercise can provide great benefits to patients experiencing these health issues and concerns. In fact, studies have shown that neck and back pain patients who are inactive are actually more likely to experience longer healing times, and they also tend to have reoccurring pain and injuries later on in life, even after the initial injury or strain is treated and healed.

Consequently, this means that regular exercise is a good thing even for people who are currently dealing with pain or discomfort in the neck or back. However, it is important to understand which exercises in particular are best for you if you are recovering from an injury or strain to these particular places. As I learned from a very helpful article by Care 2, here are the best exercises that chiropractic patients being treated for neck and back pain can do to improve their health and boost healing time.

If you’re heading into the cardio room of your local gym, be sure to check out the rowing machine. Even if you haven’t ever heard of it, this device is amazing for training and working out your entire body, particularly your shoulders and back. In fact, rowing is better for chiropractic patients than cycling is, since bending over while cycling tends to contribute to poor posture over time. Check out some tutorials online on proper rowing form and start right away!

Dumbbells may seem daunting if you have neck or back pain, but certain dumbbell exercises can actually be really beneficial to your healing process. Dumbbell rows are great for loosening up tightened and tense neck and upper back muscles and joints, which is what chiropractic aims to do as well. Here’s a great tutorial on dumbbell row form. 

These are just a few great gym exercises you can and should be doing in between sessions of chiropractic adjustments, and it’s a good idea to warm up before each workout by doing some light stretches of the joints. Feel free to ask your doctor of chiropractic if there are any other workouts they would recommend for you to get pain relief and increased muscle strength.

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