Why Pregnant Mothers Should Get (Or Stay) Fit– For Their Baby’s Sake

Being a guy, getting pregnant is not an option. And frankly, I’m glad it isn’t. The understanding that whatever I put in my body could impact the long-term health of another person during the next nine months, would be a pretty unflattering reality for me to have to come to grips with.

That’s one reason I’m so impressed with my own mother, as she had to endure 27 months of the frightful proposition (nine for me and another nine for my younger brother, before a final nine-month term for my half-sister a decade later). My hat is off to all you moms in the world.

Keeping track of your health during pregnancy is important, too: moms and moms-to-be, did you know that your child’s health has started even before he/she is born? In fact, only you can make such valuable decisions regarding your child’s health before he/she is even conceived, offers research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Check out why staying fit is crucial for improving your chances of bearing a healthier babe come his/her birth date below.

Fitness For Your Baby’s Sake

Did you have weight loss aspirations before you became pregnant? Well, ermm… no matter how much cardio you do now, you certainly won’t be dropping any weight during your pregnancy. But that certainly isn’t a reason to cut your exercise routine: working out can continue to offer a plethora of health benefits, ranging from improving your brain power to lowering your depression risk! In fact, staying fit can be especially valuable for pregnant women, claims researchers from the University of Adelaide.

They discovered that sticking with a “healthy exercise routine,” while eating a healthy diet, were linked with an equally-healthy child birth weight. Furthermore, it also lowered the risk of respiratory distress syndrome, as well as the time spent at the hospital.

Sadly, about half of women are either overweight or even obese when they’re pregnant, offered Rosalie Grivell, PhD, from the University’s Robinson Research Institute. Before this study found such evidence on the perks of remaining fit while pregnant, she continued, there was a surprising lack of proof regarding the overall health benefits “of dietary and lifestyle interventions on this group of women.”

Personally, though I will never need to be working out for two, the personal benefits I get from working out aren’t even reserved just for “guys like me”– there are so many feel-good benefits to working out that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their pregnancy status! With pregnancy, often comes a certain level of anxiety. As anxiety’s arch-nemesis, working out while pregnant could keep you from dwelling on how you will pay for your twins’ college some day.


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