Why Taking Your Next Shower Needs To Include Natural Selections

When it comes to conventional soaps and organic soaps, the latter might be more important– especially when it comes to staying clean.

That’s because with each suds-stuffed shower we take, soaped-up bath we enjoy, and following dry-down we towel-up with, we inevitably feel cleaner, fresher, and more relaxed than we did before we unclothed for our (hopefully) daily wash. Whatever time of day you take it, taking a shower has become synonymous with “getting clean” in today’s world.

But what if I told you that some of the very soaps meant to get us clean were also making our health dirty? It’s true, with ingredients like phthalates and formaldehyde in many personal care products– but that’s why our buzzing buds are more friends than foes if a clean body and an even cleaner bill of health is what we’re seeking.

Take a look below at why organic soap has men’s good health all figured out below:

Why Organic Soap Will Make A Man Out OF You

Say you can’t find organic soaps or body washes at your local supermarket– then turn your gaze toward online outlets instead. Really, organic soap for men can be found just as long as you put some effort into it– and doing exactly that is worth your while.

Finding the right organic soap for you is really something special, as even the scent of one Environmental Working Group soap safety tester’s favorite natural soap was described as “earthy without being too floral,” while also providing the tester with a safe way to feel cleaner without feeling too dry after showertime.

Although certain “natural” soap products aren’t organic, they can still be very helpful if you want a quality wash. That’s because most soap products carrying the “natural” label on them still carry safe ingredients, too, despite not being organic; most come in two different styles, the gel soap and the bar soap. Both options usually don’t contain scary parabens otherwise known to wreak havoc on good health.

As someone who’s used organic soap before on many occasions, I know the quality of them is high when it comes to full-body cleanliness and prolonged freshness. Considering I’ve often trusted natural soaps to not dry out my body after the shower, I’m not surprised that these soap products are also known for their moisturizing properties– rather than a penchant for sucking a person totally dry!


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