Why Your Chiropractor Wants You To Avoid Sitting For Too Long

When you think about the many different ways in which you can injure your back, or even make any existing back pain even worse, there are unfortunately more than a few threats to the health of your back that occur in everyday life, from walking up or down stairs, to lifting heavy objects, to bending down in order to tie your shoelaces.

For all of these seemingly mundane occurrences, you would think that taking time to sit down in a comfortable chair would offer you a respite from all of these potential threats to the health and well being of your back and spine, but the actual truth here may surprise you. This is because it unfortunately turns out that more and more scientists and healthcare professionals alike are agreeing that sitting for long periods of time often causes more harm to the back than good, as I learned after coming across an informative article post by Huffington Post Health.

If you always were led to believe that resting up after a back strain or injury was the best thing that you could possibly do, you may want to keep on reading further to learn more about why you should avoid sitting down for too long, despite any pain you may be experiencing.  

It may seem truly surprising to hear that there are negative side effects that come with sitting, out of all activities, but it is still important to come to terms with this issue. Studies have found that people who spend large portions of their day sitting, whether in a car during commute times, at a desk in an office, or on the couch at home, tend to experience a higher risk of developing such harmful and even potentially fatal health conditions as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

People who sit for long periods of time are also more susceptible to sustaining back injuries, since the muscles that support the spinal column are not getting a proper amount of movement and exercise on a regular basis. It is for this reason that chiropractors are encouraging their patients to take frequent breaks from sitting by getting up to stretch and walk around if possible. If you find that you are often sitting for long stretches of time throughout the day, you may want to consider setting an alarm to go off every hour to remind you to stretch out your back and spine.

Another healthy habit you can turn to is chiropractic care, which will provide holistic healing to your body in a natural manner. 

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