3 Ways You Can Steer Clear From GMOs

cornBy now, who hasn’t heard about the health problems linked to genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? They are said to ruin your physical health in a multitude of ways, tearing apart your heart and even leading to (potentially) irreversible hormone changes.

But the total destruction of GMOs reaches even further than the physical health problems from pesticide-resistant strains of soy and corn (not that they are by any means a small issue, of course). Vandana Shiva, PhD, the founder of The Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Natural Resource Policy, believes that we must open our minds to the macro-perspective of the scope of terror that GMOs can lead to. Shiva also wrote the book, Soil Not Oil, in which she takes an in-depth look at the potentially-disastrous end results we can expect for both our global economy and our own society if we keep farming with GMO ingredients.

Speaking with a group of other experts from agencies like the Rodale Institute, Carbon Underground, and Organic Consumers Association, Shiva spoke about her home country (India) serving as her personal backdrop, indicating that the sheer brutality of farming extends further than just the land. She alludes to the hundreds of thousands of suicides committed by Indian farmers who find themselves stuck in debt because of chemical and seed manufacturers sticking to the lie that using their products is a more efficient way of farming and achieves greater incomes for farmers, she said.

Check out three Shiva-approved suggestions for warding off GMOs below:

1. Save Your Seeds.

According to Shiva, saving each open pollinated seed keeps our future safe from GMOs. Try making your own seed kit.

2. Stand Up For Organic.

Shiva admits that laws continue jumping up that make organic movements more difficult—health codes ignoring the fragile balance of healthy soil bacteria, laws that don’t permit collecting seeds and so on. In essence, Shiva believes organic activists should hold true to their beliefs, challenging unjust laws when they need to.

3. It’s the Year of Soil!

2015 is the Year of Soil, and Shiva’s organization, called Navdanya, is leading a one-month class all about organic farming, including some tips about what you should (and shouldn’t) compost.

These can be the seeds of farming freedom, Shiva believes. Without them, the world will continue to revolve around systems of total “control of the farmer and the citizen”– which makes using healthy agricultural practices more and more difficult.

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