4 Reasons Your Favorite Spices Aren’t Just For Taste

herbsWhen it comes to your spice rack, did you know it doesn’t just add a little kick to your food, but also to your health?

Take a look at why spicing up your dishes can keep you healthy for the long haul:

#1: They Add Needed Flavor To Not-So-Tasty Health Foods (So You Can Continue Eating Them!)

Have you ever been completely shocked to find out that the plain chicken breast you make at home, doesn’t taste anywhere near as great as the one you had at a restaurant? The reason for that is your lack of spices. Listen up: the only way that you can hope to stick to a healthy diet, is by giving it flavor, so don’t be stingy with your spices. Besides, research discovered that adding spices to healthy meals could make them not only more tolerable than they used to be– but just as tasty as your favorite fatty meals!

#2: It Allows You To Switch Out the Salt

Salt lends a hand when our grub is bland: unfortunately for people with high blood pressure searching across the low-sodium menu at their favorite restaurant, things can begin looking pretty bleak, pretty quickly. But simply adding spices to otherwise-bland meals “led people to eat 966 milligrams of sodium per day less” than people who didn’t, according to research out of John Hopkins. For those of you who don’t know, that’s just under half the daily recommended amount of sodium. 

#3: It Helps You Feel Full For Longer

Food seasoned with delicious herbs and spices has been shown to help you feel fuller, while simultaneously boosting your metabolism. Red pepper, as one example, can help boost satiety– so if you’re full, you’re less likely to run to the pantry for an unhealthy snack later on!

#4: It Lowers Your Risk For Heart Disease

Did you know your favorite spices probably have heart-healthy benefits? Recent research out of Pennsylvania State University discovered that including spices, even in a high-fat meal, led to lower post-meal insulin and triglyceride levels in people.

As someone who used to crave sugared-out snacks and fizzy sodas, I would have never considered myself a candidate for consistently consuming a healthy diet. Just three years ago, in fact, I remember often walking over to a nearby market during my work breaks and grabbing a Mountain Dew, before slurping it down in no time flat.

Now, I can’t believe that memory is even mine– I haven’t sipped a soda in years, and many of the foods I used to find delicious, are now as repulsive on my lips as they were once they reached my stomach. Your body gets used to what you eat– meaning the transition from unhealthy to healthy is a process.

But it is an attainable one– trust me, I know!


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