6 Ways to Stay Cool on Your Summer Run


Summer is still scorching and the heat can make for some tough outdoor workouts. Fitness expert Tina Haupert suggests these 6 ways to stay cool on your summer run: 

  1. Run at the very beginning or end of the day: Avoid the times of day when the sun is hottest and run either in the morning or the evening. Check the weather report to see when the coolest time of the day will be.
  2. Pick a cooler route: Instead of running your normal route on hot asphalt, try running near water or on shaded trails and roads. Find places where you can get a break from the sun, catch a cool breeze or even dip your toes in the water.
  3. Wear a visor: While sunblock is important and necessary, a breathable visor takes your sun protection one step further. It will help you to stay cooler by shading your face completely and allowing the top of your head to release heat.
  4. Plan some sprinklers into your run: If you’re running in a residential area, pay attention to which of your neighbors turns on their sprinklers and when. A nice splash of cool water mid-sweat can provide some much needed relief. Just try not to trample their lawns.
  5. Carry water with you: Most importantly, you must stay hydrated.  Drink plenty of water before and after your run and bring a bottle with you so you can sip some during your workout. You can even pour some on your head to cool off.
  6. Hit the treadmill: If it’s absolutely too hot, it’s better to give in and go to the gym to escape the heat than to miss your workout. Every once in awhile, it’s nice to take advantage of the cooler indoors.


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