A Better Bedside Manner With Chiropractic

doctor and patientIf you have ever gone to the doctor’s office and left feeling ignored, snubbed or even ridiculed, then you know how important a good bedside manner can be. Most of the time we think of a doctor’s bedside manner in emergency situations or cases of serious disease. However, even just visiting the doctor for a simple check up can be a nerve wracking experience, and having a positive interaction with your doctor may be the key to setting those nerves at ease.

It can be difficult for doctors to remember how important a role their personalities play in treating patients. Most of us look to them as filling that  caretaker role, and feeling heard, understood and listened to is important in making that experience a positive one. 

This type of interaction doesn’t just occur between a patient and his or her primary medical doctor, but it can exist with any medical professional, including your chiropractor. Most people who visit the chiropractor receive therapy multiple times a week, so they are seeing their physician quite frequently. Many of these patients are living with severe chronic pain, headaches, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, carpel tunnel or accident injuries. They look to their chiropractor for help restoring their mobility, reduce their pain, improve their nervous system and boost their immune system. Experiencing a personalized, positive interaction with their chiropractor during those times of need is crucial to facilitating a positive chiropractic experience. It may even be the key aspect in determining if they will continue treatment or not.

Having a committed chiropractor who understands each patient’s wants and needs is crucial in helping patients heal. Being able to engage in a meaningful dialog with your chiropractic may even be beneficial to your treatment. Communicating about what needs to be done with your treatment plan, discussing at-home therapies and other lifestyle changes that need to be made in order to maximize healing, may be the deciding factor in how efficiently a patient recovers. 

Chiropractic is a low risk therapy that does not rely on the use of pain medications to eliminate pain from the body. It uses specific manipulation techniques that remove subluxations from the vertebrae, realign the spine and improve the flow of the nervous system. Designing a custom treatment plan for each individual patient is important in the recovery of each individual. Keep the communicate flowing with your chiropractor, it will help keep your comfortable and enable a better healing process.

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