Chiropractic Care Could Help Relieve Your Leg Pain

legIt seems like the obvious choice to see a chiropractor for neck and back pain, since both issues stem from the spine. Spinal manipulations do help alleviate these problems, but most people don’t realize that they can also help solve many other issues, including leg pain. A study has found that people who experience pain in their legs have had success resolving the problem through a combination of exercise and chiropractic treatment.

Most leg issues, specifically sciatica, are treated through strong pain medications, injections and even surgery. However, spinal manipulations are becoming more popular to treat leg pain, since it is a low-risk treatment that is mostly holistic. This allows relief to be had without the use of potentially addictive prescription drugs, causing it to be a recommended treatment for all demographics. 

The head researcher on the study, Gert Bronfort, said that people with leg pain were able to feel a reduction in pain levels for over four weeks. The chiropractic treatments coupled with exercise caused a noticeable improvement in pain, disability level, medication use, and overall health after three months of therapy. At the 12 week mark of the study, 37 percent of the participants receiving spinal adjustments reported that their pain level had improved by 75 percent. They also described feeling an overall boost of well-being.

Nine months after the study had ended, those who had received the chiropractic care, reported continued improvement with their pain management and an overall sense of satisfaction. 

Another researcher at the Department of Health Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Sidney Rubenstein, commented on the study by saying it is the only study thus far that has really examined the benefits that chiropractic can have on people suffering with leg pain. Rubenstein also mentioned how chiropractic care may be a good alternative from other more risky and costly treatments such as epidural injections and surgical procedures. 

It is also important to focus on at-home exercises to supplement the chiropractic treatments. In the study, participants who conducted specific exercise therapies at home, along with the manipulations reported a 50 percent reduction in pain levels. These findings support the idea that frequent movement and light exercise, like walking, can drastically help people who have leg pain. 

If you are one of these people who are living with debilitating leg pain, chiropractic may be a viable option to help you finally get relief. Receiving spinal manipulations regularly may help get rid of existing pain, as well as act as preventative medicine. Since this treatment is low-risk, chiropractic is a great therapy for anyone to try if they are looking to alleviate chronic leg pain.

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