Chiropractics and It’s Effect on Compartment Syndrome

swimmingIf you are an athlete that runs, bikes or swims on a regular basis then you may be susceptible to chronic exertional compartment syndrome. This is a condition usually induced when repetitive motions are done to excess. Classified as a neuromuscular disorder, exertional compartment syndrome can cause the arms and legs to experience swelling, pain, and, in extreme cases, can cause muscle disabilities. The syndrome is almost always induced by exercise, which is why it can be especially debilitating for professional athletes. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate the pain and get your back to performing at your optimal level.

The extremities are filled with different compartments of muscles, blood vessels and nerves. The reason this syndrome occurs is due to the muscles contracting over and over again in the same way, causing the tissue pressure in those compartments of the arms and legs to increase to levels that are considered abnormal. The build up pressure expands the compartments, making it impossible for the connective tissue, known as the fascia, to stretch out enough to keep the compartments in place. Since there is no way for the body to release the pressure on its own, the nerves becomes severely compressed. With all the compression in these areas of the body, the blood flow is unable to get to that tissue, causing the condition known as ischemia. This may result in nerve and muscle damage if the condition lacks treatment. 

Not only may chiropractic therapy help relieve your exertional compartment syndrome symptoms, but it may actually be able to treat the source of the condition itself. People who suffer from this disorder may experience aching, burning sensations and cramping in the extremities. The limbs may feel tight, numb, tingly, weak and swollen. Most people who are affected by the condition start to feel the pain soon after they begin exercising and may linger for up to two days after the activity. Postponing activity may help temporally relieve your symptoms, however they will usually come back once exercise resumes. 

With chiropractic, manipulations are able to release the pressure that builds up in the compartments of the limbs, not only relieving the painful symptoms, but allowing the body to begin healing itself naturally. Whenever there are blockages in the joints of the body, the nervous system is not able to flow throughout the body freely. When the subluxations (also known as the blockages) are removed from those problem areas with chiropractic adjustments, then the body can begin heal.

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