Detoxifying Diet Dangers: Why Many Cleansers Aren’t Cleaning Up Your Health


Are you looking to drop a few pounds this spring, pronto?

Regardless of whether you’re going for the master cleanse or another separate detox du jour, you probably want to dump those final few pounds that have been clinging to you since the holidays.

And working towards becoming healthier is nothing to be ashamed of; one study realized that both short- and long-term benefits are available for quick fat loss. But if done improperly, losing fat can be extremely dangerous, and many well-known detox programs fail to employ healthy ways for dropping fat quickly.

Because many cleanses and detoxes are made almost completely from sugar, they don’t provide you with the proper nutrients you need to drop the weight healthily. Not to mention, they are often without protein– a nutrient your body needs for an effective detox.

Besides, did you know that your body already has a fully-capable detoxification system? Unfortunately, people waste their money and their health on store-bought gimmicks and homemade flops instead of coming to realize this.

That’s right: in truth, your liver is the king of detox. Everything in you that needs detoxification relies on your liver, which employs two separate phases. In the first phase, your liver transforms fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble substances. During the second phase, your liver lets off these toxins through your sweat, urine, and other bodily fluids.

When your body lacks proper protein, your liver can’t efficiently perform that second phase, as many pathways need amino acids to be effective. Because of this, extremely toxic metabolites can stick around and slowly tear down your body.

It gets worse, too: though you’ll probably lose weight on many of the low-calorie, near-starvation cleansing diets floating around out there, most of the weight you drop is from water loss and lean muscle tissue loss– not fat loss, which is probably what you’re going for (just a guess).

To lose weight properly, you should pick a smart dietary plan with tons of protein and other nutrients that can help boost your liver’s performance as it efficiently detoxifies your body.

For starters, get rid of the sugary, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and caffeine. Doing so will allow you to more readily burn through your body’s stubborn fat, leaving you to feel– and look– that much better!


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