Dry Eyes On The Rise For Infants Receiving Chiropractic in San Diego

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A recent study was conducted to help decide the effectiveness of chiropractic manual therapy for infants displaying unexplained crying behavior and whether or not there was any effect of parental reporting bias involved.


Infants with unexplained persistent crying (called colic) went to a chiropractic teaching clinic in the United Kingdom between October 2007 and November 2009. Infant participants who were younger than eight weeks were randomly situated into one of three groups:

(a) infant treated, parent aware;

(b) infant treated, parent unaware; and

(c) infant not treated, parent unaware.

The researchers tracked these results through a daily crying diary that parents completed during a 10-day period. Techniques were practical, individual to evaluation results, and consisted of chiropractic manual therapy of the spine. Covariance evaluation was employed for proper investigation of differences between each group.

More than one hundred patients were randomized, and, in parents unaware of treatment allocation who used two or fewer hours of crying each day to determine a clinically-noteworthy improvement in child crying time, the odds of improvement in treated infants stacked against those not receiving treatment were statistically significant on the eighth day. The necessary number needed for treatment was three; by comparison, the chance of improvement in treated infants was not noticeably different in blinded parents compared with nonblinded parents.


The study’s results show that chiropractic manual therapy decreased crying behavior in infants afflicted with colic. The findings further realized that parental treatment knowledge did not look to contribute to the witnessed colic relief effects seen in this study. Therefore, it isn’t likely that observed treatment effect is from a parental bias.

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