Help Latching Issues with Chiropractic Care

newbornOne of the closest bonds that can occur between two human beings is the experience of a mother breast feeding her child. The baby instinctively knows to go for the breast for nutrients. Not only is breast feeding the healthiest sustenance for your newborn baby, but it is definitely the most convenient. There is no preparing and packing formula when you need to go somewhere, your breasts are always on you and readily available to feed your child.

However, sometimes this convenience can be halted when your baby refuses to latch on. Issues with latching can be extremely stressful for both mother and baby. This anxious energy can affect the entire feeding process, turning the situation from a bonding moment into one filled with frustration. Many mothers are left feeling hopeless, not realizing that there is help out there. 

Chiropractic may not be the obvious choice in this situation, but the truth is that many of these latching issues may stem from musculoskeletal trauma that chiropractic treatments may have the ability to correct. These injuries may happen to the child during the birthing process due to the technique that was used during delivery. This trauma may effect the way the baby’s jaw functions, influencing the baby’s ability to suckle properly. Although minor, this type of trauma may determine if a child may or may not breast feed efficiently, making treatment extremely important. 

Pediatric chiropractic is a gentle, safe therapy that is administered by chiropractors specially trained in treating infants. These treatments may have the ability to stop painful or difficult latching and enable the child to breastfeed naturally and productively. The chiropractic treatments aim to correct any misalignment in the jaw, neck or spine that may be causing the child any pain that may be contributing to the latching issues.

Many mothers may initially be hesitant to take their newborn baby to the chiropractor, but chiropractic is safe for all age groups. The chiropractic techniques used on infants are extremely gentle, comparable to the amount of pressure one would put on a tomato to test its ripeness. In no way are the treatments the same that are used on adult patients. Pediatric chiropractic care is completely its own type of therapy, which should help put a mother’s mind at ease when taking her child to treatment. 

In addition to the manipulations helping dispel any discomfort in the child, chiropractic may also promote nervous system health. Chiropractic puts a lot of emphasis on creating and keeping up a healthy nervous system. It is a science that believes the nervous system is responsible for keeping the entire body in good health. If a child begins treatments early on in their life, then it may experience an overall healthier system in the future.

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