Here’s Why You Should Start Adding Chiropractics To Your CrossFit Regimen

crossfitIt seems to have come to the point where CrossFit is becoming less of a trend and more of a mainstay in the fitness world. Living in Los Angeles, I am constantly seeing CrossFitters out and about all over the city, doing their various exercises and looking exhausted.

Although I haven’t tried the workout craze, from what I have seen it looks intense, to say the least. CrossFit involves meticulous training that focuses on strength training and skill work. Those who are invested in the training program workout regularly and pay incredible attention to their diet and nutrition. 

For people who pay such a great amount attention to their health, it seems to make sense that they incorporate an element to their routine that focuses on recovery. Since CrossFit does focus so much on performance and technique, making sure that the nervous system is working at its optimal level is key to maintaining proper muscle function. When an athlete (or anyone) gets an injury, the body immediately starts working to repair itself. The body starts to solely focus on healing the injured area, causing it not be able to work as competently as it should. In order to help with the healing process, chiropractic treatments may allow the body to repair by correcting the way the nervous system functions.This allows the body to refocus on training, and not use as much energy on recovering. 

The connection between the brain and the nervous system is one that is very important to body function. If there are blockages in the communication process, then problems could arise. The nerves in the spinal area are protected by vertebrae. When subluxations in the spinal area arise, then this creates issues with that brain/nervous system communication. Subluxations are the technical term for dysfunctions or blockages in the spine. Constant physical activity puts stress on the nerves in the spine, causing the subluxations to occur, causing pressure to build up and cause pain. Chiropractors use manipulations to adjust the spine, realigning it to its proper place and relieving that build up pressure. This resolves those subluxations, allowing the nervous system to flow freely throughout the body. 

Regular visits to the chiropractor may enable CrossFitters to maintain their bodies, allowing their muscles, joints and nerves to work at their top level. By keeping the spine aligned, then the body may become balanced, allowing the CrossFitter to train at their optimal level.

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