How Can You Save The Health of Your Face?


Have you ever wondered after a night of tossing and turning if anyone might be able to tell how bad last night was?

As it turns out, you probably won’t be able to hide it as much as you hoped you could.

In a world growingly obsessed with staying young, there are more and more young women taking expensive and over-the-top measures to reverse the signs of aging caused by lack of sleep, poor diet, or excessive alcohol consumption.

Whether it’s cosmetic procedures like Botox injections, liposuction, laser treatments, or face lifts, these procedures are extremely pricey– and they often include the untold price of a painful recovery, strangely-luminescent skin, or even potential facial paralysis.

Luckily, there are a few other highly-effective and less-expensive methods for maintaining your youth.

Dermatologists suggest that early skin-protection is a great method for later skin-damage prevention– so don’t wait until lines start forming on your face. Even if the signs of aging aren’t apparent yet, it’s important to take the proper steps for skin protection– one of which includes getting proper sleep.

A new study in the journal, Sleep, actually indicates that sleep-deprived faces look unhealthier and unhappier. Complete with redder and more swollen eyes, dark circles beneath the eyes, more wrinkles, and droopier eyelids, sleepy faces looked more weathered than well-rested faces.

“Since faces contain a lot of information on which humans base their interactions with each other, how fatigued a person appears may affect how others behave toward them,” said study researcher Tina Sundelin, M.Sc., in a statement. The doctoral student in the department of psychology at Stockholm University continued: “This is relevant not only for private social interactions, but also official ones such as with healthcare professionals and in public safety.”

The study involved 10 people who had their pictures taken at 2:30 in the afternoon after eight hours of sleep– which came on the heels of a whopping 31 hours with no sleep. Forty study participants then looked at 20 photographs and critiqued them based on fatigue, sadness and facial cue factors.

Turns out, the photos of the ten people after they were sleep-deprived showed more dark under-eye circles, paler skin, and droopier corners of the mouth. The study participants even said that the people who were sleep-deprived appeared sadder (because they looked tired).

Recently, one study spearheaded by Estée Lauder showed that sleep deprivation can make your skin age at a faster pace, while also lowering its ability to recover from sun exposure.

Even if it’s not sleep deprivation that’s your problem– there are some things you can do each day that will keep your face fit and youthful for years to come.

That’s because, while many people work out daily, more still forget to incorporate one itty bitty muscle group into their exercise routines– their face. That’s right, exercising your face, jawline and even your neck muscles may give you a natural facelift that gives you a more youthful appearance within weeks!

Check out some specific facial workouts below.

Chin Lifts

The chin lift works many small muscles within the lower portion of your face, including the large muscle flap that runs between your chin down to the front of your throat. In better-defining these muscles, it helps to slim both your neck and chin.

To start, tilt your head back until your chin faces towards the ceiling. Next, push your chin outward; you should feel a tight pull along your jawline and neck. After you hold the position for 10 seconds, lower your chin and repeat the exercise 20 times.

Ceiling Kisses

Turn your double chin into a single one by performing this specific exercise. Start off by tilting your head backwards and tightening your lips in an exaggerated kissing manner. Extend your lips toward the ceiling and hold the position for one second. Release it, and continue repeating this cute kissy motion 10 to 20 times, several times a day.

Yoga Lion Pose

This one specifically targets the lower jaw, chin and neckline. Begin by kneeling on the floor with your hands resting on your thighs. Then, open your mouth and your eyes as wide as possible while sticking your tongue out and reaching it for your chin. Hold this for five to 10 seconds, release and relax for a moment, and then repeat as often as you’d like throughout the day.

Hanging Head Lift

Start off by lying on a sofa facing towards the ceiling with your head hanging over the edge, and then lift your chin upward towards your chest. If you need, place your hand behind your head until your neck and jaw muscles get stronger. Try to hold this position for a few seconds before slowly lowering your head back to its starting spot. Repeat this neck workout five more times for a killer neck-strengthening workout.

That’s Not All

Face and neck workouts aren’t all you need to dispose of extra fat around your chin area. Besides a healthy diet, you must include regular full-body workouts into your routine, too– cardio and strength training workouts will tone muscles throughout your body, including your chinny-chin-chin!


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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