How Chiropractics May Be Able to Treat Your Allergies

sneezeI was someone who almost flaunted the fact that I didn’t have allergies. I was never affected by the seasons, animals, food, medications… I was seemingly immune. Then my glory days ended. One day, about two years ago, I sneezed. Then I sneezed again. It basically hasn’t ended since. I now know the pain that those who live with allergies feel.

I always thought it was an exaggerated thing, not worth all the commercials, advertisements and medications. But, I get it now. Allergies are the worst. They make me tired, achy, foggy, stuffed up and reliant on medications that have their share of unpleasant side effects as well, not to mention the hefty price tag.

Living with allergies shouldn’t mean that your only relief is offered through a tiny pill administered every 12-24 hours. There has to be another way. Well, there is. It turns out that chiropractic treatments may offer relief from the debilitating symptoms that go along with allergies. 

People who experience seasonal and other types of allergies have immune systems that produce the antibody immunoglobulin E when they encounter pollen, dander, dust and specific foods. When this collision occurs, an allergic reaction is generated, producing all those unpleasant symptoms. By strengthening the immune system, the effects of these allergy symptoms can be diminished, if not entirely abolished all together. 

In order to have a powerful immune system, there needs to be a strong connection between the brain and the body, namely the spinal area. When the spine has subluxations, otherwise known as dysfunctions in the vertebrae, then that communication between the brain and the bodily systems, specifically the immune system, is weakened. If there are also blockages in the upper cervical spinal area, then allergic reactions can become even more heightened.

Chiropractic treatments can adjust the joints, correcting their displacement and getting them back to their proper place in the spine. This allows for the optimal flow of communication between the spine and the brain, which in turn boosts the immune system.

Receiving chiropractic adjustments regularly will not only increase immunity, but it will regulate histamine and cortisol levels, which is particularly helpful during allergy season. Producing a sufficient amount of the cortisol hormone in order to combat the body’s histamine production is necessary in order to stop allergic reactions. The adrenal gland is responsible for cortisol production, which is connected to a nerve in the spinal column. Subluxations around this nerve can directly impact how severe allergic reactions can become, so correcting any misalignments may be key in quelling allergy symptoms. By staying on top your spinal health via chiropractic treatments, then you may be able to finally find natural relief from all that sneezing for this allergy season and many more.

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