How Sufferers of Shin Splints Can Now Get Relief

runningWhen I started running frequently, I almost immediately began experiencing shin splints. At first I didn’t know what was happening to my legs. It was a burning pain in my shin that I had never felt before. I was worried that running was injuring my legs, and I thought that maybe I would have to switch my cardio routine. However, I later found out that the tight, sharp pain I was feeling is actually quite common and usually comes with the territory when you start a new, intense workout routine. 

A shin splint affects your shin bone, located in the front part of your lower leg. Since the shin plays a big role in mobility, it can become injured just like any other part of the body. It is responsible for absorbing the shock of running, walking and jumping. With all this activity going on, it is no wonder that the shins experience some wear and tear.

There are a few factors that can cause shin splints. Not stretching or warming up before exercising, taking your jogs on cement or other hard surfaces, wearing the wrong type of shoe during your training, over exerting yourself and not resting in between your exercises can all rapidly bring on shin splints. Usually icing the shins and getting a lot of rest will allow for the injury to heal itself, however if you are experiencing pain despite taking these measures, or you continue to re-injure, then you may want to visit your chiropractor for more extensive treatment. 

Chiropractic treatments may have the ability to help heal your shin splints and it may also help lower your pain level. One of the best things chiropractic treatments have the ability to do is reduce unpleasant symptoms. Depending on your type of injury, it might take just one treatment to get results or it may take a few. Either way, your chiropractor can work on your shin splints and hopefully reduce the amount of pain you are experiencing until the injury has been sufficiently treated.

Aligning your entire body is also key in order to promote healing. Even if you aren’t experiencing trouble in your spine, chiropractic works by focusing on that area of your body. By manipulating the spine, your whole body goes back into realignment. This may allow the body to heal within itself, focusing on areas that are most injured, such as shin splints. Some chiropractors will align your joints along with your spine, which may reduce the impact that your shins absorb, preventing further injury.

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