Learn How Chiropractics May Help Eczema

eczemaLiving with eczema is not only physically distressing, but it can even be an embarrassing condition to have. The rough, dry, red skin that eczema causes on the body is itchy and sometimes painful, making a successful treatment option incredibly sought after.

Typical moisturizers do not offer much relieve, and although there are medications, this can be difficult to administer on babies and children who are experiencing the skin condition. In fact, 25-35 percent of infants and children are born with eczema, making it one of the most common skin disorders. If topical treatments and medications are not working as well as you would like, there are other natural options, with chiropractic being one of the most viable. 

It may sound strange that chiropractic care would be able to treat a skin condition. Usually when you think of chiropractic care, you think of back pain, neck pain and sometimes headache treatment, however, the core of what chiropractic does may have an effect on other disorders, such as eczema. Chiropractic focuses on corrected subluxations in the body, mainly in the spinal area. These subluxations are similar to blockages that get in the way of proper flow of the body’s systems. The immune system is one of these bodily systems that can get its wires crossed when there are subluxations occurring in the spine. By adjusting the vertebrae and aligning it to its proper state of being, the nervous system may improve, which in turn will boost the body’s immune system. Once the immune system is functioning at a high level, then the eczema may be reduced, and in some cases, cleared away completely. 

In order to supplement the chiropractic work being done to heighten the immune system, there are some other steps you can take to fight the eczema. There are a many foods found in almost everyone’s diet that can make eczema worse, such as  dairy, soy, wheat, nuts and whey. All these can irritate the skin condition and make it worse. By lessening, or even eliminating, the intake of this type of food consumption, you can help reduce the eczema. Probiotics can also help increase the immune system, which may protect against eczema occurrences. There are also topical treatments that can soothe eczema in the meantime before chiropractic treatments kick in. Rubbing sweet almond oil and vitamin E oil onto the cleaned, affected area can help ease the irritation.

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