Specific Chiropractic Therapy Reduces Blood Pressure in San Diego

Could chiropractic therapy help lower your blood pressure?

A recent study looked to understand whether a vectored adjustment of the atlas in patients with signs of upper cervical joint dysfunction would lead to a blood pressure drop.

Researchers initially used a controlled clinical trial with a treatment group as well as a control group, before employing a second test including a controlled clinical trial with subjects that acted as their own controls. Both parts took place at a private chiropractic practice.


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After the initial test, patients receiving specific, vectored upper cervical (atlas) adjustments or similarly positioned resting showed a significant drop in systolic blood pressure, while resting subjects didn’t. Comparing the treatment (adjustment) and control (resting) groups offered a noticeable difference, with a significantly-greater decline in systolic pressure linked with greater age and higher initial systolic pressure. During the second test, the difference in systolic blood pressure was not noteworthy. The systolic blood pressure was altered greatly between readings.


The results realize that palpation and vectored atlas adjustment leads to a significant drop in systolic blood pressure in people afflicted with putative upper cervical subluxation/joint dysfunction when compared with resting controls. Like results were also witnessed when subjects served as their own controls. Factors taking from the strength of these findings include the lack of randomization, blinding, and a manipulated control group. The significant decrease in systolic pressure is believed to be caused from stimulation of the cervicosympathetic reflex or perhaps muscle tone moderation and elimination of the pressor reflex effects.

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