Stop Spine Problems Before They Start

Osteopathy for neck painIt’s really true. Your spine is the point man for your body, making sure everything connects perfectly throughout its many systems.  All of those muscles, nerves and ligaments take their cue from your spine.  And if your spine is happy, everything else will be too, letting your back and overall health thrive.

Try these easy spot checks to keep your spine  happy and avoid body injuries or back complications.

Let your spine take the night off, tonight and every night.  Make sure your spine can rest, relax and be restored every night. The right mattress and pillow can make sleep a restful, healing process as it provides full support for all your sleeping positions. Overly soft or aging mattresses can leave you with aches and pains and potential back problems in the future. 

Watch your step when you pick your shoes.  We all have shoes for  dress, gym and work. But every time we pick a new pair they need to be comfortable, balanced and flexible.   Shoes with a good supportive base keep the spine and body in alignment. Choose shoes carefully and use inserts if you need them to avoid muscle injury and strain before it starts.

Discover what massage and massage chairs can do. A regular massage appointment can be crucial relief that keeps the rest of your week level.  No matter how stressed you are when you come in, massage can smooth tired muscles and make the tension go away, keeping your spine on track and healthy. Massage improves blood flow and prompts the body to produce the feel good chemicals called endorphins.  If your schedule does not always provide room for massage appointments, consider getting a massage chair and discover the benefits of a Swedish massage.

Give your back good support and sit up straight. Considering the huge amount of time we all spend sitting, we should know more about what happens. First the discs in your lower spine are loaded three times more when you are sitting than standing.  This can aggravate a painful back, or lead to sciatica, with muscle tension and pain in the lower back and legs. 

Make sure you have good chairs that support the natural curve of your back both at home and in the office. With the right chair with full back support, you can avoid slouching and leaning forward which leads to the muscle tension and pain. Also take breaks every 20 or 30 minutes to avoid static positions that can harm your back.

Do regular back and abdominal exercises. Keeping your back and abdominal muscles in top shape is one of the best things that you can do for your spine. If these muscles are not in top shape, additional pressure is put on the spine. Work up a daily routine of 20 to 30 minutes at home or at the gym focusing on your back and your abs.

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