The Many Things Causing Inflammation In You

When it comes to inflammation, exactly how much (or little) do you know about it?

When I first heard about inflammation, it served as an undefinable health buzzword that always meant something bad. I mainly just thought that it was something I would really have to worry about until I was much older. Through the stories I’ve read and the knowledge I’ve gained since it came up on my health radar, I now know that inflammation is much more comprehensive to health problems than I first realized. Essentially, it’s considered responsible for problems as wide-ranging as neurological issues, like unfocused thinking, and physical ailments, like fevers and asthma. All of these and everything in between are tied to inflammation-related issues; while “different tissues respond differently to inflammation,” and the stuff responsible for mediating the inflammation is different in different regions of the body, all of it encompasses some aspect of said inflammation!

According to Alexa Fleckenstein, MD, author of The Diabetes Cure, chronic inflammation is often more difficult to find, primarily because its inflammatory process occurs from within your body which makes it more difficult to see than acute inflammation, which is characterized by something like “a splinter in your finger.” Chronic Inflammation can and often does lead to type 2 diabetes, persistent joint pain, or inflamed organs.

Dr. Fleckenstein believes that alcohol, artificial flavors and colors, bacteria, chemicals, drugs, certain fats, man-made preservatives, too much insulin, and stress are most responsible for triggering inflammation.

Furthermore, dairy can be a serious inflammatory, too– especially milk. Did you know that non-human milk was “designed by nature” to help calves gain weight quickly? Perhaps it should come as no surprise, then, that non-human milk can have a similar inflammatory effect on our bodies, only a much more virulent one since it wasn’t made for humans.

Also, exercise can even lead to adverse inflammatory properties– extreme amounts of exercise, that is. Working out too much or too little can elicit these harmful inflammatory effects.

Knowing this, is it any stretch of the imagination to say that inflammation is at the root of just about every health problem? I’d argue that the more I’ve looked into it, the more it’s certainly seemed that way; try thinking of one ailment that doesn’t have an inflammatory component attached to it.

I bet you can’t.

Fortunately for all of us, engaging in a healthy lifestyle can keep inflammatory scares at a minimum.


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