The Real Meaning of Clean Eating

Healthy EatingWhat “clean eating” means today is vastly different from what it meant decades ago, when it carried little meaning and people understood hardly anything about it. What might’ve appeared like a random adjective and verb pairing with little-to-no meaning back in the 1950s, 1960s, and even the 1970s, “clean eating” has progressed into an all-encompassing phrase that is as often a misnomer as it is a full-figured (and accurate) description of one’s diet.  Today, eating clean has become a major health movement involving and affecting people from all walks of life who want to discover and utilize the edible stuff that makes their body feel good and stay healthy. But what does “eating clean” really mean? Is it eating fish and veggies? Avoiding artificial foods? Not ordering a big milkshake or buns on the burger of your In-N-Out meal? Let’s see what eating clean really implies:

Eat whole foods

Perhaps the primary principle of clean eating is favoring fresh, natural, organic foods over processed and “man-made” ones. To get more specific, this typically indicates food that hasn’t had ingredients added to it for taste or other non-health benefit purposes– or had nutrition removed from it, either.

Let ingredients guide you

It’s time to read the ingredients list, folks. Especially when you eat something directly from a box, jar, or bag, (which is hard not to in today’s age), you need to be aware of what exactly you’re putting into your body, and how clean it really is. The only way to really know isn’t from what people swear by, but from the words on the ingredients list. Clean eating is first and foremost about quality, so don’t allow terms like “zero trans fat” or “sugar free” trick you into thinking that a food is therefore healthy.

Think big picture

Clean eating isn’t just all about you– it’s about what makes the world we live in cleaner, too. Stay away from grub that’s made from genetically modified organisms, hormones or antibiotics, and instead search for organic foods. This reduces your interaction with foods grown from man-made pesticides and other ingredients harmful to the planet’s ecological system. Don’t just stay away from polluting your own body– give Mother Earth some nutritious stuff, too.

On your own

Replace the packaged meals with homemade versions by getting the ingredients to make it yourself, and then dive on in! That’s right, before the TV dinners and chinese food take-outs, there was this thing called “making your own meal,” which is a sure-fire way to improve your diet and get clean. By using original ingredients to make your favorite dish, you cut out the artificial and unhealthy processes that are used to make the packaged foods quickly as the nutrients get stripped away through rigorous and inefficient food processing steps.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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