Viruses Uncovered So You Know What To Look For


In case you happen to live under a rock, a virulent virus known as Ebola has run rampant throughout Africa, serving as one of the worst outbreaks recorded. What’s more, it’s showing the entire world how difficult it is to contain, as it has continued to widen its affected territory, even reaching the U.S.

The country’s first Ebola patient, opened the nation’s eyes to the frightening realities of the virus. Fortunately, his two apartment mates at his time of diagnosis have been quarantined accordingly and were deemed healthy. Furthermore, a nurse infected in Spain was seen to experience a full recovery recently, along with four American aid workers infected while serving in West Africa.

Apart from this good news, the question must be asked: why is it that some people fare better against Ebola than others?

According to Dr. Joseph McCormick of the University of Texas School of Public Health, the conclusion of quarantine for 43 different Dallas residents who were believed to have come in contact with Duncan merely “supports what most of us who know something about the disease have been saying all along: it’s not that easily spread.” McCormick certainly has experience in the field, too: back when he worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, he fought against the first known Ebola outbreak (back in 1976), along with many other outbreaks consisting of similar hemorrhagic viruses.

To be honest, I find relief knowing that Ebola spreads only by coming into direct contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids: meaning as long as I’m not sticking my hands where they don’t belong, I’m pretty much preventing any possibility of getting the disease to begin with.

Ebola’s first move once it’s inside someone is targeting what’s essentially your immune system’s “intruder alarms,” which serve as your body’s first line of defense. Because of this, it makes keeping up your immune system more important than ever. You may think that skipping that couple hours of sleep won’t amount to much, but doing so does have the potential to lower your immunities and put your health and overall wel-being more at risk. Also, you might start to think twice about whether or not you wash your hands after the bathroom, seeing as it could harm you in the long run. Especially now, every surface is a potential for spreading infection, so proceed with caution and always be safe.  

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