Why Chiropractors Want You to Stop Slouching

slumpingHaving good posture is about more than just looking good. Yes, slouching is not a good look, but it actually does more damage than you might think. It is also easier to do than you may realize. There are so many ways for our bodies to fall into these hunched positions. Whether we are glued to our phones, typing away on a laptop, sitting in an office chair or commuting back and forth from the office, we spend way too much time slouching.

Chiropractors are quick to tell their patients to sit up straight. Not only does it damage your spine, but it can impact many other aspects of your life, both mentally and physically. Chiropractics will help with correcting your posture and improving your neck pain, back pain and allowing your spine to stay in proper alignment, improving the function of your nervous system. But there are other unexpected ways that your body responds to slouching. Below are some of the positive changes that may happen to you if you improve your posture.

Your Mood Will Improve

Studies are showing that people who sit up straight have a higher confidence level and a more positive outlook on life than people who slump in their seats. Having a better posture is attributed to the body’s muscular engagement and how that relates to a person’s emotional well-being. How you hold yourself directly influences the way you handle yourself in the face of stress.

Handle Stress More Efficiently

Related to the facts above, a psychologist at Harvard found that people who practice holding themselves in perfect posture have dramatic changes in both their mental and behavioral state. The testosterone hormone increased and the cortisol hormone decreased. It was also determined that people who held themselves in these poses felt more confident and powerful.

Become More Attractive

Everyone looks older and less attractive when they slouch. Even the thinnest of people will look pudgy by slumping over. Stand and sitting straight will elongate anyone’s appearance and improve unattractive stomach rolls. 

Improve Your Lung Function

When your body is in a slouching position it causes it to slump forward. Although you may not be able to feel it, sitting this way can decrease the amount of oxygen that goes into your lungs by thirty percent. Sitting straight will enhance the oxygen in your blood and brain, causing you to be more attentive, focused and have better overall cognitive function.

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