Why Emotional Health Is Fueled By Food

This summer break has given us loads of free time– free time for practicing good workouts and healthy eating choices, of course!

Or…maybe not?

But you can get the motivation you need to pump you back up. Even if you know someone– or are that person– who can’t drop weight, there are ways to get that motivation back if you simply re-evaluate your goals.

So stop using that full-body mirror as your primary source of motivation, and see why your long-term emotional health is just as big of a factor for how you look.

Emotional Health Is Important

What does your emotional health have to do with losing weight? Our lifestyle habits influence our emotional behavior, as well as our very thought processes themselves!

For example, some foods can alter our mood along with our brain structure (from both a chemical and physiological perspective), which leads to impaired behavior, much like was discovered in a study found in the American Journal of Psychiatry. It’s also not just referring to the feelings of pain or guilt that deal with going awry on a diet regimen or eating poor foods.

This research comes from the idea that what you eat influences all of your behavior traits, including those not even linked with eating.

A great ancient physician Galen once said that bad eating and drinking habits hurt your moral foundation, while a positive regimen actually boosts your moral fortitude. More than 800 years back, Maimonides agreed and even went one step beyond: “Excessive desire for eating, drinking, or indulgence in undue measure brings disease upon the body and soul.” A person who gets used to the superfluous is more likely to get into habits that are inconsistent with health preservation, with a limitless desire to do so, he said. This “lack of control” mentioned is linked specifically with poor eating habits and extends into other numerous personality traits, such as anger. It also worsens stress and bad addictions, since all of our emotional traits are interconnected.

Always remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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