4 Easy Ways To Treat Cellulite

Before we start reading about the treatments, it’s important to remember that the vast majority of women have cellulite somewhere on their body. It’s an incredibly common issue, even though it isn’t talked about a great deal. The good news is that there are steps you can take to reduce the cellulite on your body, and they don’t involve shelling out tons of money for any sort of miracle cream that may or may not work. Here are four popular and extremely effective ways to combat cellulite.

Eat More Cucumbers

Cucumbers are chock-full of health benefits. They’re rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and they’re a great source of natural hydration. If you’ve ever sliced up a cucumber to put in your water (if you haven’t, you really should!), try applying one of those slices directly onto your skin, wherever you have cellulite that you want to have reduced. The phytochemicals that are naturally found in cucumbers work to tighten the collagen in your skin for a firmer, younger texture. This technique is about as close to a quick fix as you can get, and it’s super easy too.

Add Gelatin Into Your Diet

This one probably sounds a little silly, or even just plain weird, but it can help you reduce the appearance of cellulite. Avoid gelatins that are packed with added sugar, choosing all-natural gelatin instead. Consuming gelatin helps to increase the production of collagen in your body, leading to a firmer appearance literally from the inside out. Mix the gelatin into any of your favorite drinks once a day to begin to see an improved complexion.

Coffee Scrub

The caffeine found in coffee works to combat cellulite in a different way than the previous two items on this list. Caffeine dilates the blood vessels in the body, which in turn tightens the skin’s outer tissues. You can buy a coffee scrub, or you can make a cheaper (yet just as effective) scrub at home by mixing unused coffee grounds with almond or olive oil. Use the scrub once a day on trouble areas and you’ll begin to see results quickly.

Seaweed Wrap

If you have some extra cash to spend, consider getting a seaweed wrap at your local spa. The iodine found in seaweed increases blood flow within your body to reduce and minimize the appearance of cellulite. The hot water will bind the seaweed to your body for maximum absorption of its benefits.

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