4 Natural Skin Enhancers You Should Check Out


This year’s extremely difficult winter has left many of us with a slight case of Seasonal Affective Disorder– and our skin might be looking awfully SAD, too.

Whether it’s your wind-swept cheeks, chapped lips, or no-longer-glowing skin, you’ve probably witnessed it firsthand this season.

But with spring finally upon us, there are many new natural beauty products hoping to clear off your dead winter skin and hydrate what’s left, so you can enter the new season showing off a healthy, bright, beautiful glow.

If you include some vitamin D with these upcoming beauty products, you’ll begin looking like November through February never even occured.

Kahina Giving Beauty Night Cream

Kahina’s signature ingredient is its skin-enhancing argan oil. Plus, the luxe line offers a medium-weight night cream, which is combined with resveratrol– a powerful antioxidant deduced from grape seeds and skins. It’s also one of skin care’s healthiest and most effective ingredients for helping you restore beautiful, radiant skin.

Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Calming Mist

Jurlique’s calming skin product helps to decrease redness caused from cold, windy environments both in the now and the long-term. It does this by restoring your skin’s natural vibrance. Plus, the cucumber-chamomile mist gives your skin complexion a plump, dewy look.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift

This product can improve the appearance of your skin– and most notably the skin around your eyes, as it lightens your dark circles and relieves your eyes, allowing you to appear like you just woke up from an excellent sleep.

Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Science Refining Micropolish

Intelligent Nutrients’ new line is created with summer lilac plant stem cells that battle oxidative stress while calming your skin as it nourishes it. This gentle exfoliator helps exterminate dull surface cells while also leaving your skin more soft and more appealing to look at, too.


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