A New App Matches Music to Your Running Pace

Women running for health.

If you love working out, you probably love working out to the right beat. Music makes sweat sessions a lot easier and more fun, but it can be challenging finding the right beat and song to take your workout from good to great. The new IOS app called Cruise Control takes the guesswork out of workout music.

Cruise Control was created to take your music and match its beat to your pace. So if you are running, the app will speed up slower songs to match you. Similarly, you can then set the beat you want your music to play at to motivate you to reach that pace. Finally, you can set a target heart rate level and have your playlist help you reach your goal. The developer says you just need an ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor.

Mashable says, “The patent-pending algorithms used to match your tunes with your pace were developed by researchers from the Locomotion Lab at Simon Fraser University through a combination of human experiments and control theory”. Not only does the app help convert your music into better workout music, but they have also created several playlists that you can use as well.

Love running to classical music? This app may not be for you. The app chooses the best music from your iPhone and uses those songs. The site says, “We’ve found that music within a certain beats per minute (BPM) range, with a high level of energy, and a strong down beat work best.” So whether you like to run to reggae or hard rock, this app will set the beat for you.

You can download the Cruise Control app for $4.99 -a small price for frequent runners. Hopefully, the developers will continue developing this app so that it can be suited for other workouts, as well.

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