‘Anchorman 2’ Casting and Filming Hits Mission Valley

anchormanMission Valley locals, be prepared for Ron Burgundy fever! In 2004, Will Ferrell fans fell head over heels for the comedy Anchorman. While there has been a lot of talk about a sequel in the past nine years, it is now officially happening. The Anchorman sequel is set to premiere December 2013, and called on San Diego residents for some help this past weekend.

The casting company, Central Casting, hit the streets of San Diego to find 300 extras for their shoot at SeaWorld in the upcoming weeks. It is rumored that Will Ferrell will be at SeaWorld May 24th to film a portion of the movie. The casting call was held at the DoubleTree Mission Valley hotel, and the casting company was surprised by how many Mission Valley fans there were.

More than fifteen hundred locals lined up at the hotel to apply for the casting call. Many waited in line for several hours, some even dressed up in Ron Burgundy’s 1970s-inspired fashions. The casting company even ran out of applications and had to send someone to make more. Everyone had a different reason to be there, but most were drawn by the hope of fame. Some wanted the bragging rights, some wanted the movie title to put on their resume, and others said it was just part of their bucket list.

You would think for all this time waiting, they all would have been promised a handshake with Mr. Will Ferrell himself. Instead, the 300 lucky individuals that are chosen will be granted a part in the movie and partake in a daylong shoot at SeaWorld. While they may have bragging rights after the shoot, they can be expected to walk away with about $8 an hour for their work, since that is the going pay for non-union extras.

Whether you are a Ron Burgundy fan or not, it is still fun to have a little bit of Hollywood in Mission Valley. Perhaps Will Ferrell will need a chiropractic adjustment.


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