Brain Training Games Will Help Improve Your Memory and Focus

Smart phones make life easier, but they are also making us forgo simple cognitive exercises that keep our memory sharp. For example, before smart phones and cell phones, people were more apt to remember phone numbers and do simple math, like figuring out a bill’s tip in their head. Now, the majority of the population just whips out their phone to recall a number, note, or use the calculator. It may be faster, but it isn’t doing your brain any favors.

Thankfully, the same smartphones that are robbing us of important memory skills can help us improve our memories with fun and challenging brain games. Specially designed brain training games have been proven to help improve memory, attention span, focus, and concentration. Plus, they are fun to play.

No matter how old you are, it is a great time to start brain training games. When paired with daily physical activity, our memories benefit the most. Both the brain games and physical activity will help prevent the frightening symptoms of memory loss and dementia.

Many people train their brains through the use of crosswords and SuDoku. While both of those methods are great for keeping your brain sharp, the more you do them, the more your brain gets use to the activity. Once the brain gets used to the activity, less cognitive activity is used. The brain training games aim to constantly stimulate your mind with training in different areas, like long-term memory, language, and critical thinking.

Where to Find Brain Training Games

So where can you find these great brain training games? There are several listed for sale in the iTunes store. Apps like Fit Brains Trainer and Luminosity Brain Trainer are worth their money and can easily be accessed on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Nintendo has also created a line of brain games called Brain Age that is available to play with a Nintendo 3DS.

When it comes to your brain, the mantra “Use it or lose it” is very relevant. Encourage your cognitive skills every day to keep them sharp and to prevent memory loss in the future.

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